Must submit a cover letter to be considered for this position.

AGI Innovations Inc. is looking for a smart, hard-working AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) enthusiast to join our recently re-launched long-term R&D project as a core team member. The position entails developing test ontologies and scripts, running and evaluating tests, creating logic rules for grammar parsing and knowledge representation, documenting designs and results, and helping to coordinate the efforts of our team members.

This work sometimes involves tedious review and cleanup of large amounts of data, so patience, discipline, and speed are important. It also requires an ability to focus on details, analyze scenarios, and come to practical conclusions. Personal judgment, good sense, honesty, and a solid work ethic are very important. You will need to learn many of your skills on the job, and will be working in a fast moving environment. There is a lot to do and a definite possibility of rapid advancement for self-motivated, disciplined candidates willing to work long hours.

You will work closely with our CEO/ Chief Scientist and the rest of the team, and will have plenty of opportunity to contribute to our AGI design and development approach.


Desirable education/ experience:

Please note that this position will involve writing grammar and knowledge-encoding rules in our in-house pseudo programming language. This requires you to have a good understanding of the English language (including grammar) as well as a logical mind. Although this is similar to programming, this position is not suited for pure software engineers.

If you meet the above requirements and are looking for very interesting work as a potential key member, please send us a cover letter along with your resume. The hiring process will involve an exchange of written questions, a follow up phone interview, an in-person interview, and reference checks. We are located in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

This position is offered on a trial basis for the first month, then permanent with share options, medical insurance, and 401k. $28k to $40k per year, depending on experience.

This is a great opportunity for rapid advancement on a highly experienced and well-established AGI team. We plan to expand our AGI R&D team significantly over the coming years.

Email resume and cover letter to: with subject "A.I. Psychologist"

Please forward this to anyone who may be interested.