Software Engineer (Entry-Level)

AGI Innovations Inc is looking for a smart, hard-working entry-level software engineer passionate about AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) to join our recently re-launched long-term R&D project. The position entails developing algorithms and tools for our novel AGI engine. Experience with AI is not specifically required. You will learn new technologies and techniques on the job. What we do need is great flexibility, and the ability to acquire competence in new fields quickly.

We are most interested in your inherent passion and aptitude for programming, your ability to learn quickly, and your motivation. We believe this is one of the most exciting and interesting projects in the world. AGI must be your passion. You will be working in a fast moving environment -- there is a lot to do, and a definite possibility of advancement for self motivated, disciplined candidates willing to work long hours.

You will work closely with our CEO/ Chief Scientist and the rest of the team, and will have plenty of opportunity to contribute to our AGI design and development approach.


Desirable education/ experience:

If you meet the above requirements and are looking for very interesting work, please send your resume. The hiring process involves several phone interviews, an in-person interview, and reference checks. We are located in SoCal.

This position is offered on a trial basis for the first month, then permanent with share options, medical insurance, and 401k. $36k to $50k per year, depending on experience.

This is a great opportunity to join a highly experienced and well-established AGI effort as a potential key member. We plan to expand our AGI R&D team significantly over the coming years.

Email resume to: with subject "Software Engineer"

Please forward this to anyone who may be interested.