Senior Software Engineer/Team Lead

Still trading your programming passion for a paycheck? Tired of projects that produce nothing more than a website, a shopping cart or a mobile app? Then consider AGi-3, where we are creating the next generation of AI assistants -- brains that will make Siri, Google Now, and Watson look like idiots.

We need a skilled, hands-on lead engineer to design and develop code for our powerful, general-purpose AI engine. You'll be working alongside AGi-3's founder, who is chief architect and current lead engineer.

Prior experience in AI is not a requirement, as our approach differs significantly from traditional AI designs -- but you do need to be an excellent software engineer who also enjoys thinking like a cognitive scientist.

We're a .net / c# shop, and almost all of our programming relates to our cognitive engine, or 'brain' (as opposed to multi-tier web-services, database, networking, or security applications). You need to be very comfortable with algorithmic programming at the complexity level of designing and writing a compiler, custom database engine, or neural network structure.

We also expect you to mentor and guide our small engineering team, and to participate fully in our culture, which means:

While we cannot compete on salary and benefits with the big guys, we do have funding for several more years of development before we plan to release a commercial product. AGi-3 is a commercial venture, so we have no particular academic ambitions, nor do we write grant proposals or publish papers.

As we have been working on this project for several years, our current focus is development rather than research: we already have a substantial code infrastructure and have figured out many of the designs and structures required for high-level intelligence. Therefore the majority of our work entails implementing designs, and further developing our AI engine. However, there is always room for new ideas and pertinent research. More importantly, this position offers the opportunity to become a major partner in the most exciting AI company around!

Los Angeles based. $80k - $120k, medical, 401k, stock options, and a great, casual work environment.

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